Dedicated to the connection of like-minded, compassionate people through business.



To connect like-minded people living compassionate vegan lifestyles through business services and help vegan finances remain within the vegan community.



The Vegan Pages will help build up the vegan economy by retaining resources from vegans to other vegans. The Vegan Pages will indirectly be helping animals and the environment by contributing to the funds of vegan households.


Support vegan economy with vegan to vegan business services.


Indirectly help animals and the environment by contributing to the funds of vegan households.


Support local vegan business owners with visibility to an eager community.


Promote veganism through visible networking events and opportunities.


"To cultivate kindness is a valuable part of the business of life."

Samuel Johnson  |  English author


Carla Mijlin


Carla is a graphic designer and art director who enjoys making veganism simple to support.

She owns cc creative, a graphic design and art direction freelance business.



social media sensation / spirit guide

Noodle is a little dog that was found at a dumpster and makes life worth living. Also, she has a mustache. You can find her on instagram here.


Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

animal photographs courtesy

All the animal photographs on this website are courtesy of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. 

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is driven by the simple philosophy that kindness and respect to animals is our duty and that all the creatures that share this earth are here with us and not for us. Farm animals are feeling individuals who deserve to be treated with compassion.

You can donate and learn more about Woodstock Farm Sanctuary at


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